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Roland System 500 Modular Eurorack Analog Synth Video

September 01, 2016 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

We just put together our DEMO Roland Eurorack System 500 modular Synth - check out this little video showing off some cool sound-sculpting features! 

Patch notes:

Oscillator 1 square waveform's pulse width is being occasionally modulated by the LFO. The Filter also get slight LFO modulation. The filter is also modulated by Envelope 1 for a tight bouncy sound. Oscillator's 2 pitch is modulated by envelope 2 in cycle mode acting like a shaped LFO with some interesting results. 

Realtime modulation:

I change the oscillator 1 octave and pulse-width mod amount.

I randomly change the filter and LFO filter amount a bit. 

The main change is when I introduce the Oscillator no. 2 and modulate the Oscillator 2 pitch with the Envelope 2 Decay Slider which changes the shape of the cycle pitch envelope for an interesting effect from fast to slow.

Gear Used:

Roland System 500

Sequenced with Arturia Beatstep Pro 

Drums from the Roland TR8

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