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KORG Announces Arp Odyssey Module - Volca Kick - Microkorg S

September 01, 2016 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Korg have announced 3 new products: ARP Odyssey Module, microKORG S and Volca Kick!

KORG ARP Odyssey Module

Korg Arp Odyssey Analog Synth Desktop

The ARP Odyssey was originally launched back in 1972. There were three models in production between 1972 and 1981. In 2015 the co-founder of ARP instruments David Friend and Korg teamed up again for the Korg ARP Odyssey keyboard.

A year later, and the 2016 ARP Odyssey has lost the keyboard and introduced the module. The ARP Odyssey Module maintains identical analog synthesis circuitry. Available in both black & orange - Rev3 and white - Rev1 models, the new features include:

1. Module, DAW and desktop friendly ARP Odyssey analog synthesiser that can be connected to a keyboard or sequencer such as the Korg SQ-1

2. Supports MIDI pitch bend.

3. Maintains replication of the original ARP Odyssey’s circuitry, including all 3 variations of ARP’s low-pass filter circuit.

Check out the ARP Odyssey Module BLACK at Sounds Easy >>>

Check out the ARP Odyssey Module WHITE at Sounds Easy >>>

KORG Volca Kick

Korg Volca Kick

The newest edition to Korg’s Volca lineup is the the Volca Kick. The Volca Kick is an analogue kick generator - ideal for sculpting unique kick and low frequency sounds, the Volca kick is capable of highly expressive and resonant sounds. The kick generator is based on the sound of the original Rev.1 MS-20 filter. Volca Kick features a 16 step sequencer and all new Touch FX - great for live performance. There is also an analog drive, boasting an array of distorted textures, and tone control. Tone control allows manipulation of high frequencies. The Volca Kick is an impressive new addition to the Volca range allowing for screaming kick and even sub kick bass sounds too!

Check out the Korg Volca KICK at Sounds Easy >>>


Korg Microkorg s
The microKORG has been around since 2002, and has since received many revivals, alternate models and limited edition aesthetic variations that have excited music communities globally. The microKORG found its way onto many stages and studios, with it’s highly impressive analog modelling synth, vocoder and intuitive and fun layout. The all new microKORG S maintains ALL the functionality of the original PLUS it has incorporated some impressive new features:

1. 2 + 1 (stereo + sub-woofer) speaker system that’ll literary blow you away - especially considering its size! The all new internal speakers inspire an acoustic instrument feel with sound and vibrations.

2. All new programs, user programs and increased internal memory. There is a total of 64 new preset programs include new basses, electric piano, lead sounds and more. An additional 64 user programable slots have been added too.

3. Favourite select function button allowing you to assign up to 8 favourite programs that are instantly recallable.

Check out the Korg microKORG S at Sounds Easy >>>

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