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Roland VP-03 Video Demonstration

September 30, 2016 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

In this Video I used the Roland TR8 as the modulator to trigger the new Roland Boutique VP-03 Vocoder. This allows me to give the drums rhythmic sequence a chordal or melodic modification. 

I used the Roland JU-06 VIA MIDI as the Carrier signal. The chords or notes I play here will carry the modulator rhythm in this case the drum beat or sequence I have on the TR8 Drum machine. You can use any source for this. Usually there is a Modulator wave input (typically a line level input) but I noticed that the VP-03 only has a microphone input on an XLR connector so I simply used a TRS to XLR Male cable and backed off the volume coming out of the TR8 so that it didn't distort. The Red Clip LED Lit a bit but didn't have any affect on the signal. 

I found this a really good replica of the classic VP-330 analog Vocoder from the 70's. 



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