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Roland TR-09 and TB-03 Video

September 29, 2016 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time 1 Comment

In this video I sync up the new Roland TB-03 and TR-09 to create a bit of old school 90s Techno. First let me say these things are a lot of fun. They really take me back to the . 


Roland TB-03 midi synced to the Roland TR-09 

My thoughts

The TR-09 sounds exactly like my TR909 from the 90's. Except my TR909 kick drum was crap. The Kick in the TR-09 is fat. The ride cymbal is spot on - crunchy but with plenty of detail. The hats could be a bit louder but my balance of volumes was a bit off. I could have brought the kick back to make it sit better. If I only had more time.

The TB-03 is rubbery, squeaky and slippery. This is what I want from a 303. The build of these units is solid. Roland have always made top quality units - nothing ever seems to break from experience.

To sum up 

Both these units are amazing. And they are well priced.
We have only 10 of each coming into Sounds Easy off the first drop so don't miss out:





Roland TR09

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September 30, 2016

<3 more addictive (and time consuming) than a crack pipe

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