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SSL δelta-control brings classic SSL analogue console automation features to your DAW

May 16, 2017 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Solid State Logic has announced the release of δelta-control software for all Matrix2 and Matrix consoles.

SSL Delta-Control

Since its launch, Matrix has set the standard for hybrid project-studio analogue mixing consoles, with its 40 analogue summing inputs, dual stereo mix busses, 16 motorised faders, SSL’s Total Recall system and advanced multi-layer DAW control.

SSL Matrix 2

Now Matrix receives a significant update with the introduction of δelta-control (δ-Ctrl) software. Used across the SSL studio console range including Duality, AWS, Sigma and now Matrix, δelta-control is a collection of DAW plug-ins that allow analogue console automation to be recorded, edited and replayed via the DAW. δ-Ctrl automation data is cross-compatible, meaning you can start mixing on one SSL δelta-enabled console and then continue on another.

Matrix δelta offers two workflow options: The all-in-one ‘Matrix δelta 16’ plug-in or ‘Matrix Single Fader’ plug-in. Both plug-ins allow for automation of analogue fader levels, mutes, FX send on/off switches and fader trim levels. Furthermore, the Single Fader plug-in can also be used to automate Matrix’s mix bus level.

With this update, Matrix’s ‘Auto’ menu receives several new features to enhance mixing using δelta-control. These classic SSL automation features include the staple ‘Join’ and ‘Revise’ functions that offer a true SSL console ‘mix by section’ workflow, as used by many leading engineers.

In order to use δelta-control, existing Matrix users will need to purchase a δelta-control iLok plug-in license, available via the SSL webstore. It is also necessary to update the internal Matrix software for free to V3. The paid upgrade will be available in May 2017. 

Delta Control plug-ins are available in all major DAW formats including AAX, AU and VST3.

If you want to learn how the SSL Matrix 2 Console can speed up your production workflow and raise your production sound quality, have a chat with one our SSL specialists.


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