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Mixers, mixing consoles, mixing desks, soundboards, audio-production-consoles are all common names for the centerpiece of many professional recording studios. Essentially a mixer is an electronic device that will combine (mix) the output levels and adjust dynamics, timbre, effects sends, and handle all signal routing within the studio. 

Many mixers have been optimised and designed specifically for a range of applications such as recording, broadcast, film post-production and cinema, live music and sound reinforcement. We also carry an excellent range of summing mixers, which are vastly increasing in popularity with many DAW based studio owners, and those working predominately "in-the-box".

Sounds Easy has access to some of the most sought after large and small format analogue and digital consoles available on the market today, and more often than not we will have one operational in our show room. Brands we carry include SSL, Neve, API and many more. Contact us to find out what's on display. Appointments are necessary.