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Get the new iZotope DDLY Plugin FREE until March 10th!

February 11, 2016 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time 2 Comments

Up until 10th March 2016 get the new iZotope DDLY delay plugin for free!  After this time, the price will become $65 so get in quick!

Contact us here for your free serial number!!

So how does it sound?  Is it any good?  Well, I downloaded the plugin today to give it a quick spin and I think it sounds great.  iZotope are calling this a 'Dynamic Delay' because it will respond differently based on the unique dynamics of whatever you feed into it - pretty cool!

You can get into some really interesting textures with the DDLY by adjusting the threshold control - this will change how the signal is split between the two independent delay paths (either analog or granular delay).  Each delay can be synced and adjusted accordingly with standard delay functions such as timing, feedback and dry/wet levels, but the DDLY takes things a step further by adding some sweet harmonic distortion control over each delay path.


The other thing I really like about the DDLY are the Wide buttons - these make it super easy to change the phase of either Delay signal independently to get some wacky stereo effects happening.  Things can get a bit hairy when you push the DDLY hard...kinda like the Classic Boss RE-20 Space Echo when you feed it too much and things start to spiral out of control.  This can work out well sometimes, but when not it's good to have that handy Panic button on the DDLY to kill the feedback.

Finally, having a decent filter on each delay path is super handy - this is easy to achieve in any DAW when having separate bus delays, but having the filters easily accessible within the interface of one plugin (and visible through iZotope's beautifully crafted waveform analyzer) is just a treat!


All in all, this is a really fun Delay and is well worth the $65 that iZotope will begin to charge after March 10th.  Fortunately, if you are reading this post before then, you can get it for free!  We have a limited number of serial numbers which we can give out on request...simply respond back to one of our blog posts (website, Facebook, Twitter etc), or contact us here and we will send the serial number to your email address - once received, please spread the word and share!  Don't delay, or no delay for you!

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February 23, 2016

Awesome really interested in the izotope plug-in please email me the serial number! Cheers, 7

Michael Czernicki
Michael Czernicki

February 11, 2016

really interested in the izotope delay. would be pleased to recieve a serial. thanks in advance!

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