Adam Audio

Adam Audio is a German loudspeaker company originally founded by physicist Klaus Heinz and electrical engineer Roland Stenz. Since 1999, the company has been developing high quality studio monitor loudspeakers for professional audio solutions.

Adam speakers use a proprietary ribbon tweeter known as ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology). ART was developed by Klaus Heinz and is largely responsible for the company’s founding. Unlike most loudspeakers on the market, Ribbon tweeters do not produce sound with a piston-like diaphragm, but instead use a pleated ribbon diaphragm. 

Since the inception of ART technology, modern materials like rare-earth magnets and high strength diaphragm foils made new driver geometry possible, giving rise to better reliability, sound radiation characteristics, low distortion and high efficiency. The original ART driver has been totally re-engineered and is now known as X-ART (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology). These new X-ART tweeters and midrange speakers have a higher efficiency compared to their predecessors, and a more extended frequency range. 

The Adam A7X is one of the most popular near-field monitors available and represents excellent value for money for a speaker in its price range. In terms of mid-field options, the S4X-H is a fine option for the professional studio.

Adam Audio products are now found worldwide in more than 75 countries, and used in some of the most prestigious professional studios. Consistent positive reviews show Adam monitors as being among the most reliable and desirable loudspeakers available in the pro-audio market.  In Australia, Federal Audio is the national distributor for all Adam products.