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Dynaudio Core Series - Professional reference monitors

Breathtaking accuracy for when you absolutely must hear every single detail.

Each Dynaudio Core speaker has been engineered and built in Denmark to perform flawlessly in this high-stress environment, faithfully reproducing your sound as you create it. From pounding electronic drums and explosive low-frequency effects in the latest movie trailer to the finesse of pianissimo strings and breathy, airy vocals, Core monitors deliver the truth to your ears without compromise. If it sounds great, it is great. If there are problems in the mix, you won’t be lied to – you’ll get nothing but the honest truth so you can fix it, and fix it fast.

Core’s midrange and bass drivers are built with novel combinations of elements to precisely optimise each unit’s performance for its intended purpose. Deep bass drivers, for example, have different requirements than midrange motors in three-way designs – so the materials used are specifically selected and tested to perform each duty at the highest level.

A copper voice-coil, glass-fibre former and ceramic magnet are implemented in the low frequency drive units to enhance the ‘BI’ (force factor) needed for punchy, deep, and accurate bass – whether you’re monitoring at low-level or the band is standing behind you and they’ve demanded you crank it.