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Pittsburgh Modular

Pittsburgh Modular Analog eurorack synythesisers

Analog Eurorack Modular 

Pittsburgh Modular is a small boutique analog synthesizer manufacturer specialising in the Eurorack Modular format. All units are handmade in a small factory, in you guessed it Pittsburgh USA. The company is essentially Richard Nicoland Michael Johnsen. -both budding electronic musician in their own rightAll Pittsburgh Modular units have a brushed aluminium, industrial design. The Oscillators sound big and have an extended range that move into LFO territory. In fact you can use them as an LFO generator for modulation. All Eurorack modules and stand alone systems are well built. The knobs are nice and large and have a solid feel about them. The finish is world class given that they are all hand built.  Sounds Easy is proud to retail this unique brand and are excited to have the new Lifeforms SV-1 dual oscillator stand alone semi modular synth on demo - so come and try it out!