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Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering is a Swedish electronics company that designs and manufactures synthesizers. Founded in 2007 and based in Sweden's capital city Stockholm, the company's' core product is the Teenage Engineering OP-1; a synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer.

The new Teenage Engineering 'Pocket Operator' series is a collaboration with the Swedish clothing label Cheap Monday. In addition to synthesizers, Teenage Engineering manufactures the OD-11 cloud speaker, a recreation of the 1974 Sonab speaker of the same name, and accessories for their other products.

Teenage Engineering products have been well received for their aesthetic value and functionality.  The OP-1 has gained recognition for both its design quality and its functionality as an instrument. The synthesizer won one of ten Sweden's 'Design S' Awards in 2012. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art even includes an OP-1 in its permanent collection!

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