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Golden Age Project


Golden Age Project COMP-2A Vacuum Tube Compressor / Levelling Amplifier


The COMP-2A by Golden Age Project (GAP), is a mono compressor and levelling amplifier based on the infamous 1960’s model of a similar name. The COMP-2A uses vacuum tube circuitry in both the signal and side-chain path. The input and output are both transformer balanced; featuring two discrete transformers to mimic the authenticity of the recreation. The COMP-2A is simple to use, and easy to pull up a great sound. There are two main encoders on the front panel for balancing the signal, and a giant VU meter in the centre to help monitor.

    • Golden Age Project COMP-2A PRODUCT FEATURES:

      – Vintage style all tube signal path. The tubes are fitted with grounded shields.

      – Transformer balanced input and output. Can drive almost any load, balanced or unbalanced.

      – Golden Age Project’s version of the classic optical unit using a long life electroluminescent panel and two carefully matched Silonex NSL5910 photoresistors for T4B-style electro-optical gain control with program dependent attack and release times.

      – Very simple to operate with only two main controls, Gain and Peak Reduction.

      – HF control can make the side-chain circuit more sensitive to mid and high frequency content.

      – Linear low noise regulated filament and high voltage power supply.

      – A big meter selectable to show gain reduction or output level at two different reference levels.

      – Hardwire bypass switch for easy comparisons.

      – Link jack and switch for connecting to another unit for stereo operation.

      – All external controls located on the front panel.

      – A solid build quality that will last many years of normal use.

      – XLR and TRS input and output jacks for flexible connections.

      – Compact 2RU half rack format. Two units can be mounted with our 19-inch rack kit, the UNITE BIG.
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