Primacoustic RX9-HF Recoil Stabilizer Horizontal Fire


The Primacoustic RX9-HF Recoil Stabilizer is a horizontal fire (flat surface) studio monitor isolation tool that eliminates disruptive resonant coupling frequencies.  The RX9-HF will allow the true sound of your monitors to shine, and help provide a more accurate translation of how your mixes should sound.  Unlike many other less-expensive options on the market, the Primacoustic RX9's also provide a very stable metal base that reduces the recoil caused by the forward energy of the loudspeaker motion.


        • Improves transient response and imaging
        • Tightens up the bass for greater accuracy
        • Eliminates resonance and phase anomalies
        • Improves translation to other audio systems

        Based on three basic components: a high-density urethane foam base to isolate the speaker from the shelf, monitor-bridge or stand; a heavy ¼” laser-cut steel plate; and a thin neoprene top surface.

        By reducing the backward 'recoil' as the speaker coil pushes energy forward, the initial transient no longer suffers lag and the sharpness of the resulting impulse is more defined. Upon first listening, one immediately notices more punch and extended low end. Upon further listening, one begins to notice greater detail at all frequencies, improved transient response and more defined depth of field. This not only makes mixing easier, but since the Recoils eliminate unknown resonance from contaminating the sound, your mixes immediately translate better to other rooms and audio systems.

        The Recoil Stabilizer is available in various sizes, weights and firing angles to address the vast array of speaker designs currently on the market and personal mounting preferences. To make selection easy, we have produced a simple cross-reference chart to match the right Recoil Stabilizer for your monitors.

        The Recoil Stabilizer is available in various sizes, weights and firing angles to address the vast array of speaker designs and mounting preferences. Use the reference chart to find the right Recoil Stabilizer for your monitors. Complete details for each model can be found on the specifications page.

        The Recoil Stabilizer is a nearfield monitor platform that incorporates four different elements to create the whole. This includes:

        1. Isolation foam
        High density open cell acoustic foam provides acoustic isolation to eliminate coupling between loudspeaker and shelf.

        2. Steel platform
        Laser cut ¼” (6mm) steel platform adds the necessary stabilizing mass to rigidly hold the nearfield monitor in place.

        3. Curved front panel
        Curved front panel eliminates standing waves and adds mass to the platform without increasing the footprint.

        4. Retention pad
        Thin no-slip neoprene surface ecures the nearfield monitor to the top surface for maximum signal transfer.

        Recoil Stabilizers are available in a variety of sizes and weights to coincide with various monitors being produced today.

        CLICK HERE to view Primacoustic's cross reference chart to help you select the right Recoil Stabilizer for your monitors.


        PROFILE: Horizontal

        HEIGHT: 67.5 mm

        WIDTH: 381mm

        DEPTH: 279mm

        LOAD LIMIT: 22 kg

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