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RME ADI-648 64-Channel 192 kHz ADAT/MADI Format Converter

The RME ADI-648 is a high-end 64 channel ADAT/MADI format convertor, capable of operating at up to 192kHz. Of key importance, this multi-channel digital audio device offers format conversion both ways. ADAT-to-MADI and MADI-to-ADAT. Connections on the RME ADI-648, have been implemented to allow either coaxial or fiber optic cables. Both cables allow distances of up to 100m runs.

    • RME ADI-648 Features:

      SyncAlign ® and SyncCheck ®, technologies known from and proven by other RME products, allow for perfect sync between all channels and easy notification of error states. And of course multiple devices can be cascaded and synchronized sample-accurate using word clock. The ADI-648 accepts 56 channels, 64 channels and 96k frame at its input, and can be set to generate those formats at its output. This way the ADI-648 even serves as perfect interface between otherwise incompatible MADI devices!

      The compact device with 19" width and 1HU has numerous further outstanding features, like Intelligent Clock Control (ICC)   and storing of the settings. It's even possible to transmit 16 MIDI channels in parallel to all 64 audio channels. A fully automatic input selection between optical and coaxial input offers a useful redundancy mode for critical applications. Extensive status displays give information about Lock and Sync states, audio content and the physical quality of the incoming signal.

      Talking about clock: The ADI-648 includes SteadyClock(TM), a digitally controlled clock, especially developed by RME for MADI operation. It allows for operation without an additional word or AES clock line. The reference clock is extracted in highest quality from the MADI signal itself.

      The rear of the ADI-648 looks clear and tidy. Eight ADAT optical inputs and outputs each, two MADI inputs and outputs each (coaxial, optical), word clock I/O (BNC) with switchable termination, and two DIN MIDI jacks offer unbeatable flexibility and compatibility.

      The ADI-648 is compatible to MADI interfaces of companies like Sony, Merging, Lawo, Euphonix, Stagetec, Jünger, Audio Service, AMS and others.

      Managing long distances with a single cable
      ADAT breakout box for devices with MADI interface
      Connecting MADI-based equipment to RME's Hammerfall series
      ADAT optical patchbay and router
      MADI coaxial / optical or vice-versa converter and splitter
      MADI redistributor, patchbay and router
      MADI Merger

      1 x MADI I/O (optical and coaxial)
      8 x ADAT I/O (optical)
      1 x MIDI I/O
      Word Clock I/O
      RME Remote
    • RME ADI-648 Specifications:

      Input MADI: 1 x BNC, 1 x optical
      Output MADI: 1 x BNC, 1 x optical
      Input ADAT optical: 8 x TOSLINK, 24-Bit, Bitclock PLL
      Output ADAT optical: 8 x TOSLINK, 24-Bit
      Input word clock: BNC, Signal Adaptation Circuit (functional from 1.2 Vpp input signal), switchable termination
      Output word clock: BNC, low-impedance driver stage, 4 Vpp into 75 Ohms, short-circuit-proof
      MIDI input and output: via two 5-pin DIN jacks
      Sync sources: MADI, ADAT optical, word clock, internal
      Varipitch: by input signal or word clock
      Sample rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, variable (Sync/word clock)
      Sample rate range: MADI: 32 kHz - 96 kHz, word clock: 27 kHz-105 kHz, ADAT: 33 kHz - 57 kHz
      Jitter: Internal clock < 1 ns, word clock In < 2 ns, ADAT In < 2 ns
      Jitter suppression on external clock: circa 30 dB (2.4 kHz)
      Jitter sensitivity: all PLLs operate even at 100 ns Jitter without problems
      Power supply: internal switching mode ps, 100 V-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 10 Watts
      Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 200 mm
      Warranty: 2 years
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