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sE Electronics


sE Electronics SPACE Reflexion Filter

The sE Electronics SPACE (Specialised Portable Acoustic Control Environment) takes the patented Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology (that made the RF Pro a studio essential) and improves upon it to create a product that is both bigger and better! SPACE has a larger surface area, and is designed to offer incredible isolation in any room for professional vocal and instrument recordings. By surrounding more of the microphone, SPACE limits the amount of direct sound reaching walls and reflecting back towards the microphone.

    • sE Electronics SPACE PRODUCT FEATURES:

      SPACE's design consists of an unprecedented 10 thick layers of sE's patented Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology, and the inclusion of seven new vertical bass pillars deepens the air gaps while adding randomisation of diffusion. SPACE also boasts new mounting hardware, providing a more robust clamp that's fully adjustable and lockable vertically and horizontally with the ability to tilt for instrument recording at any angle.

      SPACE consists of 10 layers of sE's patented Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology. The layers are:

      1. Seven Vertical Bass Trap Pillars

      2. Punched Aluminium Diffusor

      3. Acoustic Grade Wool Absorber

      4. Tensioned Aluminium Foil Membrane Diffusor

      5. Isolating Air Gap

      6. Tensioned Aluminium Foil Membrane Diffusor

      7. Acoustic Grade Wool Absorber

      8. Polycarbonate Diffusor

      9. Asymmetric Isolating Air Gaps

      10. Patented Polyester Acoustic Fibreboard

      Box Contents:

      1 x SPACE Reflexion Filter

      1 x Stand assembly

      2 x Zip-locking sand bags (for supporting your microphone stand - sand not included)

      Product Dimensions:

      SPACE Reflexion Filter:

      Height: 330mm

      Width: 455mm

      Depth: 220mm

      Weight: 1940g (without clamp)

      Clamp Weight: 770g

      Box Dimensions:

      Height: 257mm

      Width: 468mm

      Depth: 342mm

      Weight: 4kg

Need more info on the sE Electronics SPACE? Click HERE for the manufacturer's website >>>