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Toontrack POP! EZX Expansion Pack for EZDrummer

The Toontrack POP! EZX is known as 'The Songwriters Drum Palette' - ten drum kits offering a ideal blend of organic, unique and edgy sounds for anything Poppy!  For the past decade and counting, Toontrack has recorded drums in some of the world’s best studios, with some of the most esteemed engineers, with the most in-demand players and with only the best of the best in terms gear at their disposal.


      With sounds recorded in legendary studios like New York’s Hit Factory, London’s 2Khz Studio or where Nashville’s A-list clientele go, Blackbird Studios, the Pop! EZX is the culmination of years of relentless recordings and a true testament to the company’s search for the perfect sound.

      The Pop! EZX comes with a collection of ten mixed and matched drum kits delicately intertwined with custom percussion pieces. The result is an awe-inspiring and genre-defying battery tailored for anything from rock to pop and dance. In short: a melting pot for any and all things good about drums and percussion boiled down to a perfect blend of organic, unique and edgy sounds for any track you’d file under “popular music”.

      All sounds were handpicked and re-mixed by Toontrack’s founder and head of Sound Design, Mattias Eklund and come from either yet unreleased recordings or from deep in the inexhaustible Toontrack sound vaults.


      • 10 preset drum kits
      • 10 kicks
      • 10 snares
      • 5 sets of hats
      • 5 sets of cymbals
      • 5 sets of toms
      • Selected percussion including shakers, tambourine, cabasa, maracas, handclaps, snaps, cowbell, claves and bells
      • Extensive MIDI library included

      Recorded at: Dugout Studio (Uppsala, Sweden), Avatar Studio (New York City, NY), 2Khz Studio (London, England), Hit Factory (New York City, NY), Blackbird Studio (Nashville, TN), Oceanway Studio (Nashville, TN), Allaire Studios (Shokan, NY), Atlantis (Stockholm, Sweden), Ballerina Audio (Umeå, Sweden), Musikanten (Umeå, Sweden), Dreamhill Studios (Stockholm, Sweden), New Polyphony Studio (Nashville, TN)

      Credits for original recordings: Daniel Bergstrand, Neil Dorfsman, Pat Thrall, Peter Henderson, Chris Grainger, Fredrik Thordendal, Mattias Eklund, Niklas Flyckt, Brad Bowden, Richard Devine, Nir Z, Tomas Haake, Chris Whitten, Morgan Ågren, Roy “Futureman” Wooten, Tom Larson & Mikael Emsing

      Mixed at: Toontrack Studio (Umeå, Sweden)


      1 GB of free hard disk space, 1 GB RAM.

      A working EZdrummer 1.4 or a Superior Drummer 2.3 (or above) installation.

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