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Toontrack Twisted Kit EZX EZDrummer Expansion Pack

In collaboration with Michael Blair and Sontronics Microphones, Toontrack Music announces the Twisted Kit EZX by Michael Blair.  In October of 1985 Tom Waits released the album Rain Dogs. The album was an instant classic and marked a new sound for him. A rough, dirty neo-blues style with awkward rhythms and hard edges. 

    • Toontrack Twisted Kit EZX PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Part of the band that contributed to that sound was drummer and percussionist Michael Blair. His highly personal instrument set-up which included a mix of regular drums and odd bits and pieces like trashcans, bedroom furniture and rusty bicycle frames fit perfectly with the sound that Waits was looking for. The combination of Michael's timing, expression, and junkyard sounds created a rich and useful range of musical textures to accent Waits' intricate storytelling.

      The Twisted Kit EZX by Michael Blair was sampled through the very best of outboard with distortion, reverb, compression and attack effects included in the internal mixer. This enables you to access a large number of mixer presets by STS 9, Richard Devine, DJ Amplive, sub-ID and Count Bass D. And you can save your own custom mixer presets (with EZdrummer 1.1).

      The Twisted Kit EZX special features 
      • Sampled through the best of outboard effects with compression, distortion, attack and reverb made available in the EZmixer.
      • Mixer presets by STS 9, Richard Devine, DJ Amp live, SUB-id and Count Bass D.
      • The possibility to save your own mixer presets with EZdrummer 1.1 installed.

      Instrument List

      • Gretsch 1987 Maple Dry
      • Gretsch 1987 Maple Hard Mallet
      • Gretsch 1987 Maple Soft Mallet
      • Gretsch 1987 Maple with Gong
      • Gretsch 1987 Maple with Crasher
      • Gretsch 1987 Maple Dry with Splash 
      • Ludwig 1965 Super Classic
      • Ludwig 1965 Super Classic with metal pot
      • Chinese Drum
      • Taos Drum

      • Pearl with Small Roto
      • Pearl with Small Roto2
      • Pearl Ambient
      • Butcher Block Deep
      • Butcher Block Hubcap
      • Butcher Block Trash

      Alternative Snare:
      • Drawer 
      • Guitar Body
      • Cardboard Box
      • Cardboard Box and Cymbal
      • Bassdrum Case

      • Bodysounds

      • Spoxe Hats
      • Low Boy Hats 
      • Tibetan Cymbal Hats

      Tom 1:
      • Chinese Tom1

      Tom 2:
      • Chinese Tom2

      Tom 3:
      • Chinese Tom3

      Tom 4:
      • Chinese Tom4

      • Djembe 

      • Crasher Low
      • Crasher High

      • Crasher High
      • Crasher Ride2

      China 1:
      • China Low with Keys
      • China Low2 with Keys

      China 2:
      • China with Chain
      • China2 with Keychain

      • Metal Castanet
      • Metal Tambourine 

      • Drumskin & Brush
      • BeanPodShaker 
      • Flappers 

      • Thai Gong
      • Spoxe 
      • Sound Plate

      Cake Pan:
      • CakePan 
      • MetalPlate 
      • Spoxe 
      • ThaiGong 

      One Shots :
      • One Shots

      Funny Stuff :
      • Funny Stuff

      • Slit Drum
      • Deagan Doorbell
      • Japanese Temple Bowls

      • Pandeiro
      • Tamborim
    • Toontrack Twisted Kit EZX SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:

      • 1,2 Gb free disc space
      • 512 Mb RAM
      • DVD drive

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