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Vladislav Delay - Luomo

November 20, 2014 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Vladislav Delay AKA Luomo

Vladislav Delay

An artist that came to light in year 2000 and pioneered a new style of electronic music was Finnish born producer Vladislav Delay. I clearly remember hearing Luomo's Album Vocalcity for the first time and it was instantly on high rotation with everyone I knew. 

What hit me initially about this album was the tracks were long, like 12 minutes long. But even at these lengths they never became boring. Each track will bubble and morph constantly with new sounds coming to the forefront and receding without you even knowing, unless you're paying attention!

The music is rich and even though it's purely electronic in it's basis, the tracks are very songy. Something that at the time was new and fresh. 

You should check him out, he has some nice toys in his studio. He also has a nice Facebook page that he constantly uploads tasty pics of his favourite gear and surroundings. 

Studio 1

Studio 2






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