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Aston Microphones Halo Reflection Filter

January 25, 2016 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

The Aston Halo, is a brand-new product that aims to fill a gap in the portable vocal booth market, with innovative new design features that address the issues of comb-filtering, aesthetics - this one is a colorful purple and improved isolation.

Aston claim the Halo is a sound-isolation product, with their unique patented design absorbing the sound vertically (unwanted reflections from the ceiling and floor), by wrapping around the top and bottom of the microphone.

Other key features include 3-inch thick core materials to the rear of the microphone, and the half-sphere shaped enclosure, that is lighter than it’s competitors products making it simpler to attach and balance on the stand.


As previously reported, Aston are a new company that are proudly the first company to design and manufacture condenser microphones in the United Kingdom. Their two studio condenser’s, SPIRIT and ORIGIN are available now at Sounds Easy.

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